At The Heart of
Philadelphia‘s French Quarter

The Quarter, located between Walnut and Sansom, and between 16th and 19th, boasts a long and hallowed history, dating back to 1994, with the opening of La Colombe at 19th and Walnut. By the late 1990s two other French establishments had sprouted up in the vicinity: Le Bus, on 18th between Walnut and Sansom, and La Cigale, a beret’s toss north of Le Bus. The appearance last year of a creperie on Sansom street firmly established the area as a true French Quarter, promising to make it a delicious oasis of Continental esprit and cuisine for generations to come.

The Quarter was officially recognized by the city this year with the addition of subtle orange signs that read, simply, "French Quarter," tastefully affixed below the traditional green streets signs at the area’s intersections. The signs serve not only as a tribute to Philadelphia’s French heritage, but also as a guide to tourists and conventioneers who might become confused or disoriented when they find themselves surrounded by speakers of Philadelphois, the Franco-Philadelphian dialect unique to this area.